Urbanchildren - The Young in Latvian Painting, 2010

The Arsenāls Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art 

Urbnchildren is a thematic painting exhibition dedicated to the city, its scenery and people. The exhibition shows work of 26 authors, including me.


In painting I believe in a stable, definite figure fairly put in the very middle of the picture. This figure is a woman. Woman-mother and Woman-child, the chemistry of their relationship. Does the birth of a child decrease or just opposite- broaden borders of mother's loneliness? Can a woman be a Mom and a Girl at the same time? Is the world used to looking at a childless woman and a woman-mother differently?

What I found in a thriller Gangsters by Klas Ostergren, Swedish writer, about literature made me laugh and gave me inspiration: "Literature offers comfort and compensation, it is the discipline of the negative folk, the art of losers. One runs away from to the so-called "reality" to create some other that could in its turn make the previous one clearer, as if reversed." Let's replace the word "literature" with "painting"...