Rasa Jansone




Lives and works in Riga, Latvia


2002. – obtained the degree of Master of Arts in painting at The Art Academy of Latvia

1996. – graduated the Riga Applied Arts college, the department of textile arts


Solo exhibitions:

2012. - Everyday Masculinity, Mukusalas Makslas Salons, Riga, Latvia

2011. - Rear-view Mirror, "Nabaklab", Riga, Latvia

2007. – Mama’s hopes, Gallery ag7, Riga, Latvia

2006. - Creatures (together with Ivars Drulle), "Metras Maja", Aizpute, Latvia

2004. – The secret life of Snow-White, Gallery ag7, Riga, Latvia


Mainly works in painting, has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Latvia, Germany, Taiwan as well as takes part in site-specific and environmental art projects (the Open-Air Museum in Pedvale, Roja Raku symposium, Riga city environment within the "Days of Art").