Childhood   80x80 cm Oath of friendship   70x92 cm It's boiling 70x90 cm Rearview mirror    80x100 cm History   70x95 cm
Grew up   80x90cm Heritage   85x70cm Teacher 45x55 cm Schoolboy  45x55 cm Picked up Wisdoms   55x80 cm
Fragility. Mother's sister   70x80cm


Solo show „Rear View Mirror“

„Nabaklab“ club,  Riga, Latvia

Oct 28 – Nov 28. 2011

The main theme of the show is childhood and the past – this strange substance which too often gets in the way.

On one hand, my childhood was very happy; I was farmer‘s a child at the prosperous collective farm in the Soviet Union, on the other hand,  looking in the rear view mirror, it is clearly visible that we were part  of the distorted order, against which in our collective farm no one protested.

On contrary,  even now with some despondency locals remember good old times when the order and abundancy took place, when the water lilies grew at the pond by the village council and the fountain functioned…  I can’t get rid of the question; are all of the then collective farmers preserved by the innocence of not knowing ( even today, including me), or ...

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