Mother of Rasa. 1974. 100 x 100cm Mother of Ivars. 1933 or 1934. 170 x 150 cm Mother of Melisa. 150 x 150 cm Mother of Marts. 150 x 150 cm Mother of Vents and Toms. 180 x 180 cm
Mother of Dīvs and Lizete. 180 x 180 cm Mother of ''no named yet Mother of Aira and Kārlis. 180 x 170 cm Child herself. 180 x 180 cm Mother of Karlina and Sara. 130 x 110 cm
Mother of Alice. 230 x 190 cm Mother of Lote, Krišjānos and Jānis. 230 x 190 cm Mother of Otto. 260 x 180 cm Mother of Eduards and Madara. 260 x 180 cm


The Fog of Feeding

Moms of Young Children. Large-scale portraits.

Solo exhibition

Rīga Art Space, Intro Hall.

October 3 – October 26, 2014


The solo exhibition „The Fog of Feeding“ by Rasa Jansone will feature large-scale portraits in a series of 14 paintings portraying mothers of young children. This is the first public exhibition of the portraits, that were created in a eighteen month period.

The portrayed women are contemporaries of the artist – friends, relatives and collegues who share a common trait – all of them have been or still are in the so-called „fog of feeding“.  It is a psychophysical state in which women find themselves when taking care of a young child. Life in the fog of feeding manifests itself in various ways – every portrait has its own story. Some women hide in the fog, some lose themselves, some lose the fathers of their children.

The average size of the portraits is 180x200 cm. They are oil paintings painted from photos. This fact is important in that maximum likeness had to be achieved without the mothers‘ sitting for hours. They never have the time.

The models were introduced to their portraits during the painting process. Rasa Jansone tells that it has been very exciting to observe the women looking at the paintings: „Never before has anyone studied my works so carefully.“

Ieva Lejasmeijere about Fog of Feeding here