Once upon a time lived a woman artist. Sometimes small,  hasty Crumbs of Memory arrived in the most unexpected and in inappropriate moments; for example,  mom‘s or bosse‘s scolding,  childs peevishness about the busy parents,  all of these were frozen moments and one could count them, clasify and put in order into certain system. It happened Crumbs of Memory annoyed a woman artist and by pouring them into the amber she turned them into autonomous artworks. These are memories from somebody’s personal experience – shy and ordinary but when shown with the right light in the right angle they start to shine like real gemstones.

Maybe this is the way to count and measure the Time –  true master of the human life.

Lost Treasures are small, painted figurines cast into epoxy resin. The collection consists of 8 pieces. Every „amber“ is attached to the wooden base and decorated with the silver engraving.

The collection was shown at the Gallery 21, Riga within the „Women’s Day“ exhibition, 2008.